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How Are Super PACs Changing Campaigns?

Before 2010, in order to have a well-financed campaign, a candidate and his or her team had to develop a well-oiled fundraising operation that was focused on lining up donors who could max out at federal contribution limits and get a sizeable number of their friends to do the same, fi
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Polling Report: April 25 – May 1

North Carolina Up for Grabs in 2016 In a new statewide poll in North Carolina, Jeb Bush fares the best against Hillary Clinton, losing to the former Secretary of State 45-43, within the margin of error. While he has the best numbers, Jeb is not the only one within striking distance of
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Polling Report: February 20-27, 2015

Cruz Leads, Perry struggles in Texas Poll In a recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune survey of Republican voters in the state, Senator Ted Cruz led the field with 20% of the vote, with Scott Walker taking in 19%. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson each received 9%
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