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How Are Super PACs Changing Campaigns?

Before 2010, in order to have a well-financed campaign, a candidate and his or her team had to develop a well-oiled fundraising operation that was focused on lining up donors who could max out at federal contribution limits and get a sizeable number of their friends to do the same, fi
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A Guide for Local Candidates

Develop a target audience:  Acquire a list of likely voters — those who have previously participated in similar elections — in your town or city and identify those who are most likely to support you by looking at their party registration, demographic info, etc. Be sure you’ve identifi
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Simple Tips to Increase Direct Mail Contributions

By Todd Poole The key to fundraising through the direct mail for your campaign or organization is to have the envelope opened.  Surveys say that 75% of direct mail ends up in the trash unopened.  Here are a few suggestions on how to have that envelope opened and increase the likelihoo
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